Sr Cast Aladdin rehearsals

*Below are the scheduled rehearsals. You will get an email the week before to let you know what time you will be needed at rehearsal the following week.  There will be some weeks that you may not be called.  All rehearsal times/dates are subject to change.  There is always a possibility that additional rehearsals may be needed near the end of the rehearsal process. We will try our best to keep this to a minimum. Thank you.

Please sign up using this link if you need to miss any rehearsals. We will try our best to not use you if you have to miss a rehearsal, so please sign up ASAP.


Tech/dress rehearsals

Tuesday April 3rd – Sr Cast 5:30-9:00pm tech rehearsal


Thursday April 5th – Sr Cast school performance 10:30am – Isabella as Jasmine

Thursday April 5th – Sr Cast school performance 1:00pm – Fabiana as Jasmine

Friday April 6th – Sr Cast performance opening night 7:00pm – Fabiana as Jasmine

Saturday April 7th – Sr Cast performance 5:00pm & 7:30pm – Isabella as Jasmine